How to type Dirac Braket properly

I am using \langle and \rangle to type Dirac brakets. But the symbols can not resize automatically to fit the symbols inside, as this:
But document here shows a right example without explaining how to put it:
So how to accomplish this?

The brackets you can enter by typing <, followed by the Tab key six times.
You can get the right size separating symbol | by typing | and Tab twice.

I have tried type < and tab but give up mid way… And I just found one can put < and shift+tab to save more time. Or maybe users can change the cyclic order of < by themselves?

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I found it is easy to type Bra, just type | after I have typed < and shift+tab. But how to type Ket more conveniently?

You can do < and Shift-Tab, then put the cursor in front of <> and press Delete, then |.

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You can use ALT+L followed with < to type langle, and ALT+R followed with > to type rangle. Besides, to type | inside the Dirac Braket, just use ALT+M followed with |. These three ALT+L/M/R prefix keys can actually be used with all types of brackets. Note that all ALT+R keys must be preceded with ALT+L keys. Sometimes, these prefix keys can be omitted. For example, to type Ket, you can just type | and ALT+R with >; and to type Bra, just use ALT+L with < and |.