How to type "Hölder"?

In formulas, we can use alt+" to type “ö”. But I don’t know how to type “ö” in the text part.

I use the compose key, but this is a feature of the operating system, not that of TeXmacs.

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Thanks. I first searched “Holder” and then copied the name to texmacs.

Like @re4zuaFe, it depends on which operating systems are you at. Usually the method that it works in other text editors will work also in TeXmacs.

Do you know how to type pinyin in GNU TeXmacs? Here is a short video:

Here is how I add the shortcut for Chinese pinyin

You can customize the keyboard by yourself!

This seems an abuse of math mode.

I guess you are talking about the “ruby” impl using the math mode. I have to admit that it is an abuse of math mode.

Well, in my video and in this reply, I’m focusing on explaining:

  • How to input Pinyin with accent
  • How it works (the underlying scheme code to define keyboard shortcut)

And Pinyin is meaningless without the Chinese character. That’s why I try to mimic ruby using math mode.

I would like to point out that it is not necessary to pass to the math mode to achieve this, but I am not sure whether this is recommended, say:

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