Idea: A Kickstarter to fund an open source iPadOS version of TeXmacs

Do you think this would work?

BTW, see this on combining Swift and C++ in a single app:

Do not one would need a proof of concept to start such an endeavour? There are vague plans to port TeXmacs to tablets after the Qt5 version is released. I find also interesting have a version of TeXmacs which runs in a browser (maybe with less features).

You need a proof of concept for a port?

When you mentioned ipadOS version I was thinking you meant a version of the program tailored to be used on a tablet. My impression is that the current version rely too much on the keyboard to be really useful on a tablet. Ideally one would like to redesign the UI to take advantage of the virtual keyboard and/or the different screen estate available. It would be interesting to see what are the currently available options on tablet and how people solved the problem of a good UI for a technical editor.

Also there should be people interested in taking over such a project and in order to evaluate the likelihood of success it could be interesting to see already some work. I’m not sure people would give money without some credentials on successfully hacking TeXmacs. What was that you had precisely in mind?

Here’s one Redditor’s opinion on this:

I think redesigning the UI to make it more suitable for tablets is research level work and demonstrating a particular approach in the Kickstarter might end up being misleading if a better UI is implemented later.

I don’t have a smart tablet but I imagine how it would work on a smartphone:

We have several buttons like () (long click gives alternatives like {}) and for left/right exits of current focus. One can long click these buttons to find alternatives like Tab in TeXmacs on desktops. It might also be better to have a UI for handwriting recognition for symbols.