I'm unable to typeset the big "evaluated at" sign for derivatives and definite integrals

I’m on Mac OS.

I’m simply trying to write the “evaluated at” sign for definite integrals and derivatives.

When I type the “pipe” symbol, I can tab until it becomes large. But when I subscript it, the size of the bar shrinks again.

My steps:

  1. Type “|”
  2. Type Tab until the big separator appears
  3. Type “_” to get a subscript [at this point, the separator shrinks]

See this video: https://imgur.com/a/bWwqH7A

Hi @alecstein

the following steps work for me on Linux:

  1. ALT + L | (you get two vertical bar)
  2. Type at least one char inside the vertical bar
  3. Delete the left “|”

Now you can add the subscript on the right bar without cause it to shrinks

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@mutable, this does not work on MacOS. Maybe it’s a bug. As soon as I add the subscript, the bar shrinks to the size of a normal, small “|”.

Here’s a video:


Please follow the steps above.
You must to insert two vertical bars and, after typed inside at least a char, delete the left bar.
I think this behaviour of Texmacs is correct because inserting just a single text bar is ambiguous in order to match the desired height.


I now understand what you mean. I have to put the derivative inside the two pipes, then delete the left pipe. I got it to work that way. Thank you.