Import latex command \textcolor with "paste from latex" menu

When I paste latex expression $1+\textcolor{{green}}{\frac{4}{6}}$ with the menu option “paste from latex”, the color is recognized as a math expression and is turned in “green”

<math | 1+ <with | color | g*r*e*e*n | <frac | 4 | 6 >>>

How can I prevent this ?

Hi @Zahara971 and welcome to the forum.
To me this looks like a bug, to report on the bug tracker at
Let us hear though if anyone has a different idea.

Hi @pireddag,
I just submitted a bug on Savannah.

For reference, pasting \color{green}{\frac{4}{6}} works.


I think this comment would belong very nicely in the bug tracker at; if you log in you can insert a comment.

Comment has been added.

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