Including local packages and style files

I am trying to include a local style file into my draft. I have some macros that I like to use and some common packages. I generated a ts file that I put into the same folder as my tm file and I included it into my tm file.

Unfortunately, there is absolutely no effect. An error does creep up:


I believe that this is due to this bug

GNU TeXmacs - Bugs: bug #61563, Local style files in Windows give… [Savannah]

Yes, it does look like that bug.

A workaround could be to put the style file under TEXMACS_HOME_PATH (either C:\Users\....\AppData\Roaming\TeXmacs\styles or C:\Users\....\AppData\Roaming\TeXmacs\packages, depending on whether it’s a style package or a full style).

It would be great if anyone with a build setup on Windows could help review & test the proposed fix.