Indenting with a tab - mac system shortcut conflict

Hello, how can I indent an inline equation with a tab?

I’m on a Mac and the manual says the shortcut is Cmd+Tab, but this is a system-wide shortcut for app switcher. I have no intention of modifying this system shortcut. Is there a way to work around this conflict and insert a tab?

The way to do this is to fiigure out which Scheme code is associated to the shortcut and maybe write another shortcut. I searched in the manual but I could not find the shortcut you are indicating: could you perhaps tell me in which section in the manual I can find it?

I read it here, but perhaps I did not understand how white-space is handled. I just started experimenting with Texmacs.

On Linux and Windows the alternative for Cmd is the Esc key. Not sure what it is for Mac, maybe someone else here knows. It’s may be somewhere in the documentation, but let me know if you can’t find it there.

I just came across this - so there is a fallback for Cmd in Mac. However, I find it strange that “tab” in Texmacs means that words on a line would span the whole width of the line. I thought that it would just indent…

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I’ve found that indenting is best achieved either by using an indent environment (\indent, then hit enter), or by using spaces. To get a tab-length-ish space in a mathematical formula, press space, then hit tab several times until the space gets as long as you’d like it to be! You can also edit the value of the space to whatever you like.

You can also create a custom “tab length” space shortcut: type \assign, hit enter, then call it whatever you like in the first argument (e.g. we’ll call it simply tab), then in the second argument type \space, hit enter, then type 1tab, then hit enter twice. After that point in the document (and not before), typing \tab and hitting enter should give you a tab-length space. I’m not sure if there are better shortcuts…