Inkscape extension

In Inkscape, I have found the “Extensions -> TeXmacs equation” plugin quite useful in the past.

I noticed in a Debian 10 VM with TeXmacs 2.1.1 installed via the ‘apt’ repository and Inkscape 0.92 (from when Debian 10 was stable) that the extension no longer works correctly (running “TeXmacs equation” opens two TeXmacs windows instead of one; see screenshot).

I wanted to see how many others noticed this problem and if its worth writing a bug report. My immediate use case is to modify SVG files of figures generated by GNU Octave so I can typeset the axes titles.


I don’t know what the situation is, but the Inkscape plugin was recently removed (this was after the 2.1.1 release), possibly because it was no longer working:

The commit message says an update is in preparation, though.

Yes, TeXmacs 2.1.1 has a bug causing the opening of two windows. This bug has already been fixed in the code.

Moreover, as @baltakatei found out, this extension only works with the outdated Inkscape 0.92. Pending to get into the trunk, I have an updated code working with up-to-date Inkscape (1.1.x) in this TeXmacs AppImage. The newer Inkscape extension can communicate with an already running TeXmacs instance through sockets, which makes it much faster. Just be sure to start the Appimage before using the Inkscape extension.

If you want to try this AppImage, download it, make it executable, and start it. Navigate to the Preferences->Convert->Image tab, click “Install/update Inkscape extension”, and check “enable socket communications”, then restart the AppImage. Note that if you run the stock TeXmacs 2.1.1 after that, it will each time blindly overwrite Inkscape TeXmacs extension with the old version in your ~./config/Inkscape/extensions folder, so you may want to protect it against writing.