Insert vector quality images into Texmacs

Good evening, sorry if the question is quite elementary. I want to insert vector images like the ones generated with Inkscape into Texmacs but I only see options for bitmaps. How can I do it? Thank you so much

In the menu Insert->Image->link Image, you should see that accepted image formats include the vector formats pdf, eps or svg. Good results are generally obtained for pdf. Eps works fine too but it lacks transparency (and it is generally considered deprecated). Svg support depends on the version of TeXmacs you use and if some utilities are available or not on your system.

You may also simply try to paste (or drag-and-drop) drawing files into TeXmacs.

Finally, trying to directly copy vector images through the clipboard might work on some OS, but at least in Linux, it only yields bitmap images.

Some complicated node inside svg, such as foreign objects is not supported in TeXMacs or Mogan.

TeXmacs does not natively support svg; it uses external converters for converting svg to bitmap (for on-screen display) or pdf (for printing), that is why I was saying svg support depends on your TeXmacs version, your OS and your installation.

You can find out the actual conversion tool it uses by activating the --debug-convert switch from the command line or from the debug menu (and then (re)load the image). The rendering bug you are seeing is due to that converter. Also keep in mind that svg is a moving target and that even the best svg renderers sometimes fail on some constructs.

The list of possible converters is defined in a file named init-images.scm, and for a given conversion, the latest defined and available one gets used. You may consider adding converters that are listed in that file but not yet installed on your system. Also, if you have several converters installed on your system but you would like TeXmacs to use another one, you can just redefine those converters for svg→png and svg→pdf in my-init-texmacs.scm.

But if it’s only for one time, just convert your image to pdf using any suitable method and use that pdf…