Is it possible to convert documents from the command-line without opening texmacs?

Let’s say I want to convert a file to input.tex. I am able to do so at the moment by running:

texmacs -c input.tex.

This works but it launches the texmacs gui. If I append the -q option at the end, it closes after the file has been converted.

My question is, is it possible to avoid launching the textmacs gui while converting the file?

try -headless

XXXXXXXXXXXX (garbage to comply with the minimum 20 chars limit…)

The option does not exist.

This is the output I get:

texmacs -headless -c input.tex

Options for TeXmacs:

  -b [file]  Specify scheme buffers initialization file
  -c [i] [o] Convert file 'i' into file 'o'
  -d         For debugging purposes
  -fn [font] Set the default TeX font
  -g [geom]  Set geometry of window in pixels
  -h         Display this help message
  -i [file]  Specify scheme initialization file
  -p         Get the TeXmacs path
  -q         Shortcut for -x "(quit-TeXmacs)"
  -r         Reverse video mode
  -s         Suppress information messages
  -S         Rerun TeXmacs setup program before starting
  -v         Display current TeXmacs version
  -V         Show some informative messages
  -x [cmd]   Execute scheme command
  -Oc        TeX characters bitmap clipping off
  +Oc        TeX characters bitmap clipping on (default)

Please report bugs to <>

Which version do you have?

texmacs -v

TeXmacs version 2.1.2
SVN version Custom 
(c) 1999-2020 by Joris van der Hoeven and others

I see. I’m using the SVN which has the feature and I’ve checked that indeed it was not present when 2.1.2 was released. So I guess you need to wait the next release. Maybe it already works with a recent Mogan version, or you have to compile TeXmacs from SVN.

You could also make use of Qt’s abilities to redirect output. This also works for me:

texmacs -c input.tex -q -platform vnc

texmacs -c input.tex -q -platform offscreen