Is it possible to disable semantic editing for math?

I fully understand the advantage of semantic editing introduced in TeXmacs. However, the space introduced between variables by pressing the multiplication button (e.g., a*b) looks quite annoying. After searching with Google, I find there should be (or probably there was) an option to disable semantic editing. Where is the option in the recent versions of TeXmacs?

For semantic editing, it seems the section 7 of is outdated.

Actually, you may write math with ill-semantics, but you may use TeXmacs to correct the semantics automatically.

And what is actually the annoying part? The display of invisible multiplication as a space? Or the input of the invisible multiplication?

Thank you for the reply. I have been using TeXmacs for 2 years and I certainly understand how to type math expressions and do semantic editing.

The display of invisible multiplications as spaces is annoying. I don’t really mind pressing the * button to help TeXmacs understand that I am doing a multiplication.

There is an answer on this in the mailing list (I advertised your post there), you can read it in the mailing list archives at

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Thank you. This is exactly what I wanted.

There are so many undocumented packages and probably only the developers know how to use them.