Is the Scheme Developr Guide for Mogan same as Texmacs

Sorry for spamming the forums. I want to learn as much as I can about this software and the docs can be tricky to navigate.

I notice that a lot of the documentation files available on TeXmacs are missing on Mogan (at least on Windows), such as the Developer Guides (not sure if this is a bug or they are intentionally removed).

Since Mogan uses S7, are there any difference concerning the material that is in the Scheme developer guide? Is there a different document in preparation?

Playing around with the two programs I’ve already noticed some differences. For instance, in TeXmacs you can run an scheme command with Shift+Meta+X. This doesn’t seem to work in Mogan; instead you can run an Interactive command with Meta+X, but this is not a scheme command. Similarly the command that allows you to do this, (interactive footer-eval) does not work in Mogan.

Thanks for your help.

Those are bugs. For now, we only make it work for normal users. For power users of GNU TeXmacs, Mogan is still in alpha status.

Would you like to join us to improve Mogan as a developer?

You are not spamming the forum. Users’ feedbacks are very important.

Yes, I would (more on the scheme than C++ part), that is why I’m trying to learn everything I can about the software.