Is there a built in method to group sorted citations together?

Instead of this:


I would prefer it to show as: 28-35.

There is no builtin mechanism, and I think one would need to use scheme to do it via \extern. I’ve tried briefly but didn’t got anything, I need to think a bit more about it.

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Merge this patch into progs/utils/cite/cite-sort.scm

> (define (cite-keys-inc? t1 t2)
>   (let*
>     ((t1 (car t1))
>      (t2 (car t2))
>      (s1 (if (string? t1) t1 (convert t1 "stm-snippet" "verbatim-snippet")))
>      (s2 (if (string? t2) t2 (convert t2 "stm-snippet" "verbatim-snippet"))))
>     (if (and (string->number s1) (string->number s2))
>       (== 1 (- (string->number s2) (string->number s1)))
>       #f)))
> (define (merge-contiguous new old present)
>   (let ((flush (lambda () 
> 		 ;;(display* "present: " present "\n")
> 		 (if (> (length present) 2)
> 		   (list (list (caar present) `(concat ,@(cdar present) "-" ,@(cdAr present))))
> 		   present))))
>     (if (null? old)
>       (if (null? present)
> 	new
> 	(append new (flush)))
>       (if (null? present)
> 	(merge-contiguous new (cdr old) (list (car old)))
> 	(if (cite-keys-inc? (cAr present) (car old))
> 	  (merge-contiguous new (cdr old) (append present (list (car old))))
> 	  (merge-contiguous (append new (flush)) (cdr old) (list (car old)))
> 	)))))
<          ;; we should merge contiguous number series here...
<          (sorted-args (map cadr sorted-tup))
<          (ret `(concat ,@(list-intersperse sorted-args '(cite-sep)))))
> 	 (merged-tup (merge-contiguous '() sorted-tup '()))
> 	 (merged-args (map cadr merged-tup))
>          (ret `(concat ,@(list-intersperse merged-args '(cite-sep))))
> 	 )
>     ;;(display* "merged-tup: " merged-tup "\n")
>     ;;(display* "merged-args: " merged-args "\n")
>     ;;(display* "tup: " tup "\n")
>     ;;(display* "ret: " ret "\n")


This mechanism is integrated in mogan 1.2.0 version. If you are using beta version of mogan, enable cite-sort style package, then citations is sorted and merged. please give us your feedback.

Looks good, thanks!

But I’m wondering why you make it a package? This process is pretty simple and far from resource intensive, cause it only gets invoked when users update their buffer. It would be weird such a functionality isn’t by default enabled.

Because in digital document, there are hyperlinks on each citation numbers, which should not be collapsed into a range mark.