Is there a way to overlay graphics on top of text?


For the booklet I’m designing, I’d like to overlay graphics with text on the cover page. To explain a bit, I already have text layed out for the cover page just like I want it, and there is enough space in the gap (on the right of the page) to show simple graphics.

I tried to use floats but I could not find a way to lay out graphics on top of text. I’d like the graphics to be tied to the page it appears on, but to take virtually no space in the layout so the text is not shifted down, but position the graphics in page coordinates in the gap of the text of the cover page.

Is that possible at all?

Please try Draw over selection or Ink here, both available from the Insert->Image menu.
The difference between them, I think after looking at the source, is that Ink here is a Draw over selection with empty selection and gives you automatically the freehand tool (you can switch to other tools).
The drawings move together with the selection.

I find that the selection must be within the same paragraph.

Adjusting the Overlap parameter (menu button with the magic wand icon, at the left of the ribbon menu for image editing) may also help, you have to experiment a bit; I think it fixes how wide is the canvas around the selection.

Thank you that’s exactly what I needed. I don’t understand well how the positionning of the rfame is done but by putting a frame large enough it works well.