Issue with coloring equations

I have a style that is derived from one of Texmac’s default that gives equations a different color. This is how I declare it on my style file.


I’ve noticed that while equations are colored, the numbering of systems of equations are also colored, which is not supposed to happen. For example, compare equations 5 and 6 in the figure below. Is there a way to fix this?

Before trying to enter into details, what is the difference in the source code between eq.5 and eq. 6?

It is a bug, or maybe you used a wrong mechanism to change colours in equations. How did you did that?

Anyway, you can avoid it by changing color around the numbering tag, or by using a table inside an equation environment for the formatting. This would also be nicer since the numbering will be vertically centered.

As I said in my original post, I am simply inheriting from a predefined style in Texmacs that has colored equations. I don’t have any code written to do that.

Yes. I checked the package alt-colors and it typesets the math environments by changing the color. The following additional definition will solve the problem


it would be nice to parametrize it with the color of the text.

However I think this is a bug in the alt-colors packages which has to be corrected (possibly by adding the above definition to the package itself).

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