Just switched from CMake to xmake for Mogan Editor

Contribution Guide for Mogan Editor

Developing guide for xmake on GNU/Linux and macOS is available above.

For Windows, we haven’t provided detailed guide yet. But you can learn how to develop on Windows via our CI: https://gitee.com/XmacsLabs/mogan/blob/main/.github/workflows/ci-xmake.yaml

@mgubi I suggest that you should try it. I think we should finally switched from autotools to xmake for GNU TeXmacs.


Thanks! As I understand GNU projects are required to use auto tools. But we can also provide xmake projects of course! I do not care much about cmake, if you think that xmake is better and that we can import the workflows from Mogan to TeXmacs that would be great. We need a reliable way to build and test our sources automatically. It seems you have done a great job for Mogan in this respect.

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In one word, xmake with xrepo is a better solution of cmake with MXE.

xmake will automatically fetch the C++ dependencies and compile it.

Why we still need to install Qt manually?

Because compiling Qt from scratch takes too long!


Great work, it seems to work well!

For fellow Fedora users: I had to do xmake f --qt=/usr/lib64/qt5/ for it to find Qt.

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