Keyboard shortcuts for embedding an image

I made a keyboard shortcut function that allows you to import texmacs code that is in another file. It works very well.

(lazy-keyboard-force)(kbd-map(“A-a” (begin (make-include “/home/biz/Desktop/”) (buffer-expand-includes)))))

But I can’t manage to make a similar shortcut that allows to directly incorporate an image in my texmacs document. Here is my test:

(lazy-keyboard-force)(kbd-map (“A-i” (make-image “/home/biz/Office/TEXMACS/my-images-texmacs/logo.png”))))))

I tried make-image, link-embedded-image without success.

Thanks for any help you may have.
Thank you for your always interesting answers.

Please try something like this:

(make-inline-image `(,(string->url "/path/to/somefile.pdf") "200pt" "100pt" "100pt" "100pt"))

or make-link-image

Thanks a lot. It works very well. Have a good day.