LaTeX import hacking

Hello everyone. Is there any mechanism to “instruct” the LaTeX import mechanism about something? For example, I have the following environment definition:


ltae stands for left top aligned equations

Is there any way to “tell” Texmacs that the environment is a table-type environment so that it would use the code for importing tables?

More in general, does anyone have tips on where to look for importer documentation. I browsed the code a bit. It seems that significant parts are implemented in the C++ code. Is this correct?

I don’t know much about this conversion. Most convertors are written in Scheme, but this is the odd one out. As far as I can tell, it is indeed mostly written in C++ (in src/Data/Convert/Tex/).

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Is this also the case with the exporter?

The exporter is written in Scheme (TeXmacs/progs/convert/latex/tmtex.scm). I don’t know why they are so different…

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