Make TeXmacs Windows installer work without privilege access

This is helpful for users who want to use TeXmacs in Windows computers without admin access, like in college libraries. This is trivial to implement as well. Just upgrade to Inno Setup 6 to take advantage of Non Administrative Install Mode. I am able to create an installer without admin right to install by adjusting the TeXmacs.iss script. I hope official installer can have this feature as well. Would like to help out if help is needed.

PS: pls update compile guide. It took me a long time to compile TeXmacs. Have to install jasper and correctly configure Qt to compile on Windows.

Maybe you can join developer’s mailing list

@sadhen might help.

I am on the mailing list. More comfortable speaking out here though :D.

I plan to improve GNU TeXmacs on Windows after the release of v1.99.14.

Thanks for your report!

This commit might be helpful:

I still need to spend several hours to package the exe with other files.

Yes, definitely interested. Compiling TeXmacs on Windows is a pain for me.

Does using MXE mean we will compile TeXmacs under Linux and then transfer the binaries over to Windows and then we use inno setup to generate an installer?

Will there will a setup guide available in the future? Is it possible to generate a package using CMake only (though I think a script is fine too)?

No problem. Glad to hear!

Thanks for your hard work on this great application.

Maybe this is also interesting on the topic of compilation of TeXmacs under Windows:

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Currently, slowphil’s approach might be the best one to package TeXmacs under Windows.

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The exe file will be generated on Linux. And the installer will be packaged on Windows as there are many mature ways to package for a Windows software on Windows.

A setup guide will be available in the future eventually. Actually, I will generate the packaging script for Windows using CMake and then click it windows and finally an installer is ready.

Welcome to create pr on the compile guide.

@JoyYang I would also encourage you to submit a pr. I think that TeXmacs would benefit a lot by contributions of people outside the developer’s team (like you in this case).

I may have forgotten how to compile it :frowning:. I have been busy for quite some time. It takes too much time for me to compile it from the package you guys provide on the ftp. This time I will try to build on top of slowphil’s method, which is quite smooth from my previous experience.

It would be useful to have an updated guide to compile on Windows, and also a discussion on how to make the installer work without Admin rights. We can host in the blog

and then move it to the main website as the recipe matures.

Sorry for the late answer, but it is already possible to install TeXmacs on Windows without administrative rights: The *.7z.exe versions in my builds, can be seen as “portable versions” of TeXmacs; they can be installed anywhere where one has write permission. The difference with the standard installer is that it does not make menu entries, file associations, etc., but that can be done manually afterwards. Otherwise, texmacs.exe is identical.

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