Markdown converter as plugin in github

tl;dr: That. In the TeXmacs’ github org.

I finally got around packaging the thing as a plugin, adding minimal documentation, some (preliminary) tests and fixing all the stuff that made the thing basically unusable beyond my (first) use-case. Now I can use it for my current project and hopefully others too.

There are TONS of things that could be improved, with md->tm being the biggest one. MRs welcome!


Great @mdbenito! Now we just need a parser from markdown. :slight_smile: I’m looking around for ideas on how implement it and what are the challenges. Here a nice blob article:

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Many thanks for this great plugin :+1:

Have used it and it works nice. Also for TODO, table of contents and bibliography.


I think is not difficult for tables to hook on the HTML converter and then insert the generated HTML. Exercise for the reader. :slight_smile:

I use Hugo for the websites. Because it supports TOCs out of the box and I have written templates for bibliography (using a global bibtex for the site), I didn’t have much incentive to implement any of them for vanilla markdown, sorry :innocent:

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