Meta key navigation in emacs look and feel

Is there any way to move forward and backward a word/paragraph using meta+f/b/a/e like in emacs? I already set emacs look and feel in TeXmacs and it seems it does not support the above navigation. I also don’t know which emacs shortcut TeXmacs supports or not, I didn’t find any reference in the manual.

I am using macos and the meta key should be the cmd key based on the TeXmacs manual.

Also, this link expires:

I think the starting point for finding information on that is, where I have read that ctrl -> and ctrl <- are the key combinations you are looking for.

The key combinations that are supported in the emacs look and feel are only partially listed in that page I think. The complete list (again, I think) is available only in the code, under progs/generic/generic-kbd.scm. You can refer to the manual for how to change these shortcuts. Moreover this blog post could help:; there are hints on how to find out the names of Scheme commands, which you need for defining your owns.

Please ask if you need help on any of these things.

Besides, I have got a vague feeling that @jeroen posted the name of the association map where all on the keyboard shortcuts are defined, but I did not find it and I might be wrong.

For the missing webpage: IMHO the html manual on the website could benefit from better linking, I think I already said it to the main developer but I have got the feeling that we will have to keep it like it is. I made a brief search for the main page of the web html manual (from which all the other pages are linked) and could not find it. Perhaps someone knows?

Actually, I started search in, exactly the link you provided. The 404 link I mentioned is a hlink in a Look and feel subsubsection of this page.

Also, as I navigate below, it shows that meta+a/e navigation does not work on TeXmacs.

Ok, then the emacs look and feel does not match the emacs keybinding. You can then map the keys that you want using kbd-map; the reconfigurability of TeXmacs is pretty wide.

Pls. put this in your my-init-texmacs.scm configuration file

(kbd-map ("M-a"  (kbd-select-if-active traverse-left)))
(kbd-map ("M-e"  (kbd-select-if-active traverse-right)))

—I hope these are the keybindings you want.

Please let me know if you need instructions to edit the my-init-texmacs.scm configuration file.