Mogan Editor v1.1.4 released

Important Changes

  • Bug: Fix plugin issues introduced in v1.1.3
  • Bug: Fix graphics tool issues introduced in v1.1.3
  • Graphics: Use Shift+Left Click as an alternative of Right Click
  • Graphics: Insert a small offset when pasting an object
  • Graphics: Turn the cursor into an open hand in move mode and turn it into an closed when an object or an object group is seized
  • Edit: reset keyboard style into normal style, and for Linux, it still defaults to Emacs style

Dear Sir,

May I know from which version of TeXmacs did Modan editor started off, in which case it may be considered as an improvement over TeXmacs. Otherwise, if has started afresh it’s code base must be entirely new.

In the former case how many versions of TeXmacs came since Mogan started off.

I am asking this because I am new to both and their environments.

Dr. A. K. Singh

A good question. Mogan v1.1.x is based on GNU TeXmacs 2.1.2.

There are many improvements from performance to UI (Breeze Icon). You can try it.

And for details, you can find here:

Well I went through all comments during different releases of Mogan Editor, and came to know that you and your team are trying to kind of improving the TeXmacs code base in the shape of Mogan Editor. This is what I was seeking for in TeXmacs if you go through my various posts regarding this.

I initially installed it but uninstalled it due to lack of R plugin because I write articles and books on Statistical aspects using R code for my students.

The developer Jeroen provided me a temporary jupyter plugin whose IRkernel enables R codes work in TeXmacs.

Can this plugin also work in Mogan Editor, if so I will install this too and try to give my feedback.

Moreover, when I was going through various posts through the link provided by you, I came across posts mentioning ‘getenv’ issues and you have solved it for different plugins. Looking at various directories of TeXmacs, I am realising that R plugin too has a similar issue, that is the path issue, which you can solve.

So, I hereby request to solve this problem too, if possible.

Thanks and regards,

Dr. A. K. Singh

I’d like to maintain the R plugin in the future but not now. We are working hard to release Mogan 1.2.0. And in Mogan Editor 1.2.x, there will be a plugin center. It means, plugin improvements will be shipped without releasing the Mogan Editor itself in a rapid way.

Thanks for considering. It will benefit lot of R users like me.


Dr. A. K. Siny

Hi Darcy
A short remark : In the menubar, at the bottom of the File menu, it is marked “Close TeXmacs” instead of “Close Mogan”.

Best regards

The Guix version is still v1.1.1. Is there any issue in configuration so that later versions are not automatically built?

Mogan Editor is one of the GNU TeXmacs distribution. That’s why we will not remove TeXmacs in the message.