Mogan Editor v1.1.5 released

It was released by Jia Zhang when @darcy was enjoy his holiday. That’s why we haven’t update

Backported four drawing tool improvements completed by Jia Zhang from the 1.2.0 development branch. Fixed one critical bug and made a single overall logic improvement.

Important Changes

  • Drawing: Moved the exit button to the right side.
  • Drawing: Used two points to draw a circle.
  • Overall: Disabled incorrect translation in the bottom right corner.
  • Fix: Resolved the issue where multiple drawing areas would trigger long-distance jumps, causing freezing.
  • Drawing: When entering the move mode, automatically deselect the previously selected object to prevent accidental operations.
  • Drawing: Improved translation.

If possible, please add the possibility of Markdown type source code block, which can be rendered from outside TeXmacs, and after rendering this file could be recognised by TeXmacs.

Thanks and regards,

Dr. A. K. Singh

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