Mogan Research v1.2.0 is available

WARNING: There are still several severe bugs to be fixed. We will release Mogan STEM Suite v1.2.1 before 2024/01/01.

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Major Changes

  • :heavy_check_mark: Upgrade to Qt 6.5.3 (since 1.2.0 beta19)
  • :heavy_check_mark: Use msvc instead mingw builds on Windows (since 1.2.0 beta19)
  • :heavy_check_mark: OSPP Project Mogan Draw on wasm
  • :heavy_check_mark: OSPP Project Editable PDF (TM attached)
  • :construction: Re-impl the OS related infra via the Lolly Project
    • File (Linux/macOS/Windows/wasm)
    • HTTPs (Linux/macOS/Windows/wasm)
  • :construction: Plugin Center
    • :heavy_check_mark: LaTeX conversion as a plugin
    • :heavy_check_mark: HTML conversion as a plugin
    • :heavy_check_mark: Natural Language dic as Plugins
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Any chance that RTL writing might be on the roadmap for Mogan?

In the future! It will be ready finally but not now. And I have to try to make a living on Mogan STEM Suite so that I can continue coding.

Traditional Chinese text is from top to down.

Right to Left, Top to Down will be supported in the future.

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Thanks! It would be great.

What’s your native language?

According to

Hebrew, Arabic, and Persian are the most widespread RTL writing systems in modern times.

Could you help adding the dic for the Hebrew/Arabi/Persian?

Now, language support is re-factored as plugins. No guide on how to add a language plugin yet. But there will be. Are you willing to help adding a language plugin and help me verify the upcoming guide on how to add a language in the near future?

I can try with some guidance :smiley:

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Mogan Research v1.2.0-rc1:

v1.2.0-rc2 will be released the next week, there are still many bugs to be fixed.

On macOS, cmd-H should hide the app but it doesn’t.

Thanks for reporting the bug, your report is documented as bug 59_2:

Mogan Research v1.2.0-rc2 is ready:

Mogan Research v1.2.0 rc4 is ready:

Mogan Research v1.2.0 rc5:

v1.2.0 will be released soon. I will release one rc every day to finalize the official release of v1.2.0.

Mogan Research v1.2.0 rc7:

Just improved font finding efficiency and improved tmdoc/tmmanual load time when pagella font and fira font are not built-in.

Just installed the deb file for ubuntu 22.04 and I cant see how to open mogan…
(no desktop shortcut)

I guess you can launch Mogan Research via /usr/bin/MGResearch.

Thanks for reporting the bug. I will release Mogan Research v1.2.1 soon.