Mogan Research v1.2.2: hotfix for v1.2.1 on the crash issue

Download now:

The Crash issues

  • It will crash when searching or replacing in a structural way in the separated window
    • Solution: do not use it, just use the default search/replace toolbar in the bottom
  • It will crash easily when you switch to Edit -> Preferences -> General -> Buffer Management -> Documents in separate windows
    • Solution: do not use it, just use the default Multiple documents share window buffer management

The fix (the task id should be 7_2 but not 71_9

Here is the commit to fix the crash issue:

The related work

It is for reported by @Pdiazs

I tried to fix it in v1.2.0, but it brings another issue:

And I fixed the new issue in v1.2.1, but it brings the crash issue.

Now, they are fixed in v1.2.2. Hope there are no issue created in this fix.

Just updated the changelog for v1.2.2:

The know issues listed above should be useful for Mogan users.

And Mogan Research v1.2.3-beta could be installed to solve problem of fraktur and bbold font: