Mogan v1.0.0 released

Mogan Editor is a fork of GNU TeXmacs. Its major differences with TeXmacs are

  • Switch from Qt 4.x to Qt 5.x
  • Switch from GNU Guile 1.8 to S7

Mogan v1.0.0 is based on GNU TeXmacs 2.1.1 with the same functionalities. Mogan v1.0.x focuses on bug fixes, usabilities and performance.


Great @sadhen! Is there any reason you are not using Qt6?

Because Debian sid ships Qt 5.15.2. And I’m using Debian sid for TeXmacs development.

The shortcuts “Ctrl-C” and “Ctrl-V” (copy and paste) don’t work with Mogan.
I am on Windows 10.

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GNU TeXmacs is for Scientists, Mogan is for Writers.

What this means? Also what S7 is? Another Scheme?

Kinda related, does anyone know whether TeXmacs will move to Qt 5 as well?

Edit→Preferences→General→Look and feel switches from macOS or Windows to Emacs

That’s why Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V do not work.

What this means?

It means, Mogan will be simpler than GNU TeXmacs. I do not expect Mogan users know about the .TeXmacs folder and scheme coding.

Also what S7 is? Another Scheme?

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I had always hoped that TeXmacs can focus on being a scientific document editor. The extra features (drawing, front end for many languages) are nice but there are always better tools. In the end, I use Inkscape for drawing and Jupyter for lightweight coding.

I think that it seems better to have good drawing, because there might be formulae in (scientific) figures.

I use often the drawing feature, it helps me to keep everything in a coherent style; the fonts are coherent, and I have the feeling that the rest remains coherent as well, although for the rest of the drawing it might not be “coherent with the rest of the document” but “always the same, and therefore coherent between different documents”.