Mogan v1.0.2 released

  • Brand new icon
  • Help -> Mogan will load the remote TeXmacs document
  • Major bug fixes
    • LaTeX import and export
    • \choice typesetting when the language is CJK (This fix bring other bugs in math mode, you can use \text as a workaround.)
    • foldable gnuplot session (has been contributed back to GNU TeXmacs and will be available in GNU TeXmacs 2.1.2)

S7 Scheme backed TeXmacs status

For user space functionalities, S7 scheme works fine now.

We need feedback and more work on S7 Scheme integration.


Interesting work! What are the LaTeX fixes you have made? Are they S7 related?

Can I ask how you build your Windows binaries? I’d like to debug this bug, but have to figure out how to compile first :slight_smile:

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See for GNU TeXmacs

And for Mogan, with MXE deps built, just run packages/windows/

I will create Github Action to build and test for Windows later in Mogan, and then the same github actions will be setup in GNU TeXmacs.