Mogan v1.0 alpha3 for macOS released

WARNING: Mogan v1.0 alpha3 is outdated, please use a newer release

Mogan is a distribution of GNU TeXmacs. It is known as Xmacs before, and I renamed it to Mogan for easier pronounciation.

I’ve switched from Guile 1.8.x to S7, as a result, Mogan is blazing fast!

For Mogan v1.0 alpha4, a windows installer is planned!


Looks very interesting! Have you encountered any extreme memory consumption issues with S7? Are there any difficulties to build on Windows 10?

memory issues are not a blocking issue for me

no difficulties, just too busy to make the installer

Mogan v1.0 alpha4 with a Windows installer has been released:

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In which aspect is it fast? Is it program launching, typesetting, or something else?

Yes, I would be interested to understand how S7 works out there. Are there still problems with large memory footprint? (I’ve been quite busy lately and didn’t followed all the work on top of my S7 port).

Based on your S7 branch, I fixed sereral bugs. Now S7-scheme TeXmacs works fine.

The above link is the changes I made based on your S7 branch.

Are there still problems with large memory footprint?

Yes, there are still memory footprint problem. But as a JVM (for example Intellij Idea) user, I think it is OK for me.

Great work. Can you make a pull request to my mgubi/texmacs repository (the s7 branch)? This would help me to keep the code in sync.

As my changes are not huge. It is not a hard work to make that pull request. I will do it this weekend.

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If I may ask, how exactly is mogan different from texmacs?

There are three major diffs:

See the README:

In what way is mogan faster? I’m asking this because I’m on Linux and have no way of testing it.

I’ve updated S7 in my branch to the last upstream revision.

I’ve now created a wip_s7 branch in the main texmacs GitHub repo. I’ve moved there my devopment and integrated (I believe all) your changes and updated s7. I would propose to move there the development of s7, so that we do not keep multiple diverging branches around.

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