Mogan v1.1.2 Roadmap

OK got it, thanks @darcy :+1:
Sorry, I’m not a developer, but it means that the GUI will be easier to maintain and develop if those are separates app than switching the GUI on the fly according to the document type ?

Mogan Mark, just like other Markdown Editor, it is focused on Markdown Editing. It can only be used to edit *.md files.

To clarify, it is a long-term plan.

Why do you want to make separate programs for code, beamer, etc.? Menu’s, toolbars and keyboard binding are already context-dependent.

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One project we would like to explore as an spin-off is to have a lightweight version of TeXmacs which compiles to webasm and does not use Qt but draws everything in the browser with javascript/HTML/canvas. We would need only binding to S7 and maybe freetype and explore some more fancy UI which are possible by coding directly the javascript/HTML. Put the typesetting engine in a separate thread for more responsivity. I’m in if somebody wants to join.


I’ve explained to you why we need Mogan and Mogan Beamer.

Let me explain why we need Mogan Code. Because I need Mogan Code. That’s the most important reason. Not all people like the big app which have multiple functionalities.

In China, WeChat is blamed for its’ extra functionality. We could pay and shop on WeChat. Some people blame it, while others love it. There are different tastes indeed. I want to attract more people.

I’m interested in this as well, not sure how hard it would be though. I’ve heard that WebAssembly is slow when manipulating the DOM, so maybe we still need Qt to render the canvas? Happy to hear your thoughts!

Right now, I’m testing to upload local file to WebAssembly, it would be the first step :slight_smile:


I am not sure whether it is blamed purely out of extra functionalities, its cumbersomeness due to that, or the monopoly out of that. The last is similar to Microsoft including Internet Explorer in Windows, which might lead to a company controlling everything of its users, including (abuse) of privacy. There is the KISS principle in the Unix world, but general users do not seem to care about that.

Emacs has many functionalities but it seems to be less blamed for that.


I do not like the Emacs way. I love the KISS principle. That’s why I want to release Mogan Code.

And I do not like Wechat Pay. I prefer Alipay. I do not like shopping on Wechat, I prefer Taobao/JD/Pingduoduo.

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Having the possibility of loading files on the webasm port could be great. Let me explain to you what I have in mind as long term goals: all is related to UI cannot be easily done with wasm since the marshalling of objects and the handling of DOM are not directly supported. You have to do it via javascript. So the idea is to have a UI client code written in javascript which interact with the browser and the user and on a different thread a worker server which implements the TeXmacs document format and typeset it to bitmaps which are sent back to the browser for visualisation. One can improve the protocol to allow local refresh. To have an idea of the kind of architecture I’m taking about one can look at the mupdf wasm viewer demo here:

which is structured as I described above.

Also: I have a working branch of TeXmacs which uses mupdf for onscreen reddening, so that it is independent of Qt graphics libraries. This is part of the above effort to make a small core with TeXmacs+mupdf+s7 which can render documents without needing large frameworks.


Mogan is a non-profit project. As the original author of Mogan, I just wanna to do what I want to do. That’s my long-term plan. If you do not like Mogan XYZ, just ignore it and stick to GNU TeXmacs or Mogan.

There are principles and philosophies. I care less on those things, I just want to make tools for myself.

If other developers agree with me, they could join me on Mogan Code development. That’s all!

IMHO for that we also need to make it easier for people to contribute.

A good step would be making resources easier to find; this could encourage people to improve on an existing plugin or write their own.

I see the following:

tm-forge and blog

  • put a link on TeXmacs website and a link on the forum, (in the forum the link should be pinned both for guests and logged-in users)


  • for tm-forge, a different organization so that it is easier to find out what it is there and to download it

Other things that would IMHO encourage people to contribute:

  • again for plugin development, indicate on the website a way to publish and advertise plugins without being part of the team; on there is an invitation to join the team, but this might be too big of a commitment for some people

for the forum:


Have you ever tried Mogan?

Planet in Mogan could be viewed in Mogan itself, without opening web browsers.

@mgubi Are you interested to merge tm-forge/blog/planet into one planet?

A planet:

  • Community Driven
  • Could be viewed within GNU TeXmacs or Mogan
  • Could be viewed in Web Browsers

I think some resources in tm-forge should be maintained as a plugin. And I’m planning to start the plugin center in Mogan v1.1.3.


I tried a previous version. Maybe at that time it was almost the same as TeXmacs. Let me try it again.

Do I have to compile it for Ubuntu?


The build process is very smoothy. Hope you try it and open the XmacsLabs Planet via Help->Planet.

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Please remember that the documents under Help → Planet are primarily written in Chinese.

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Two questions

I am using xmake:

c++: fatal error: cannot specify ‘-o’ with ‘-c’, ‘-S’ or ‘-E’ with multiple files

what to do?

  1. How do I compile with many processors?

Please describe in detail how you get this fatal error.