Mogan v1.1.2 Roadmap

I find xmake install -o build/package mogan_install in my terminal with arrow up, so maybe I did issue it.

This is how I tune the TEXMACS_PATH on GNU/Linux.

This tells that the solution is " Un-check ‘automatically unpin topics’ and ‘default topics automatic unpin’ in ‘Settings’ menu(admin authority required)."

Can some admin (@darcy :slight_smile: ) try it?

For posts served as a wiki, we can find them in this way:

I have the feeling that even if it is simple it is too much to remember, because the posts will disappear from awareness. I can’t try the " Un-check ‘automatically unpin topics’ " suggestion myself, as I don’t have access to the site settings.

Edit: Exactly like the Tell us the most impressive features of GNU TeXmacs! post :slight_smile:

Or a post with links to the Wiki posts :wink: