Mogan v1.1: A Markdown Editor based on GNU TeXmacs

I will spend a whole year (2022) to make a Markdown Editor based on GNU TeXmacs.

I’ve imagined a TeXmacs-based Markdown editor for years. And just spent two years to get myself familiar with how to make a distribution for GNU TeXmacs (macOS and Windows). Last year (2021), the blocker is GNU Guile 1.8. Using GNU Guile 1.8, I feel it is difficult to make a nice Windows distribution of GNU TeXmacs.

Thanks to @mgubi 's awesome work on S7 scheme. Now I have managed to build a x64 version of TeXmacs distribution installer using MXE.

Welcome to create pull requests to

And here is the issue for the Markdown Editor:

I’ve setup CI for Linux and macOS, and hopefully for Windows later. (These github action CI later could be added to GNU TeXmacs)