Move up and down a layer action inconsistent

Hello, I’m currently drawing some diagrams and am in need to move items on top/behind one another.

Watching this video, I found that if I want to move an object up and down, I need to use the ctrl + page up or ctrl + page down by matching executions performed in the video and on this webpage.

Although, I’ve noticed that the move layers command is very inconsistent (see the video below), and also think it would be useful to create a button to move items up and down a layer.

Initially, the command works well. Although as you keep repeating the commands, it does not work properly after a while and needs to be applied a few times before anything occurs.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong here/misunderstood, is there a way to make this more consistent and add moving layers as a button?

The operation of moving layers are not applied to the selected object, but the object under your mouse pointer.

This behavior may be intentional so that we don’t have to click the select icon before we can move layers.


I think selection is only applied to change properties, or grouping, etc…

@Jade Thank you very much, that makes sense now. I was a little confused for a while. Is there any mention of this in the Jolly Writer/Manual? I don’t think I was able to find anything on this behaviour.

I found this by experimenting. I didn’t notice any mention in the manual or Jolly Writer.

This answer is not directed at you but at everyone: one could think of writing a blog post for on the undocumented parts of the graphical editor.


I think it would be easier and more efficient to create a small video tutorial to illustrate how the graphical editor is meant to function.


Perhaps the video tutorial could be put on YouTube and also embedded in a blog post.