Multiple columns in screen mode

The idea is to have 2+ columns with only horizontal scrolling in screen mode.

Is there any way to do this?

You could have a look at the code for Panorama mode. It seems you can do something like

(init-env "page-packet" (number->string 10))

to set the number of pages shown side-by-side. If you set that number large enough, you effectively get something like what you want.

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I confirm this works! But it requires editing the system file document-edit.scm, where I replace the line

(init-env "page-packet" (number->string (panorama-packets)))


(init-env "page-packet" (number->string (nr-pages)))

where I figured out (nr-pages) means the total number of pages.

The number can also be set to 2 if I want two pages side by side with vertical scrolling. Note that I can zoom in panorama mode.

Both options can be useful for using with large or wide screens.

BTW, I tried to copy the system file to the same path inside .TeXmacs (creating new folder if not exist) and modify it, hoping it to override the system one. But it didn’t work.

It would be great if one can set this option in the UI.


Let us add option in the near future.

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