My Development on GNU TeXmacs from 2020/01 to 2020/03 (sadhen)

Graph Plugins

  1. Graphviz plugin
  • Syntax Highlight

  • Tab completion

  1. Tikz plugin (a brand new plugin)

New Language Support

  1. Add other popular languages: JavaScript, Rust, Go, Markdown, LaTeX, Graphviz, Maxima

  2. Improve the menu of languages (Users may customize the most used languages in the preference)

Bug Fixes and Documentation

Before the release of GNU TeXmacs 2.1, I will focus on bug fixes. If I made a big or significant changes,

I will submit a patch here: , and then send a email

to the mail list.

Documentation is important for both users and developers. I am willing to write more documents for

developers. From TeXmacs 1.99.11 to 1.99.12, I have written about how to write a plugin using Python.



First Pull Request:

keywords and operators parser on Java and Scala