New submenus environments


in the submenu where i can choose “theorem”, “corollary”, … i would like to add some other items “application”, “rappel”…

can i do this with some code in my-init-texmacs ?

maybe using ?

but can i do this with just modifying my-init-texmacs ? so to be able to share easily with others ?


As far as I know one needs to split what you want into two parts:

  1. adding some new environments, that you need to do with TeXmacs macros
  2. making them available in menus, which you do with Scheme

The sharing, then, you do with a package file. I can try to post an example, but I will be slow.

This part is easy, e.g.:


Save it as a .ts file in the ${TEXMACS_HOME}/packages directory, then load it when you use it.

thanks for answering
just tried now
saved in ~/.TeXmacs/packages as “construction.ts”
loaded with cmd+O while a file was opened
then how do you use it ?
i have tried \construction or \remark …

The construction package should be added as a style package to the document where you want to use it. If the ts file is in the right location, it should appear under Document->Style->Add package (or click the “plus” icon in the toolbar).

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Thanks a lot for posting that :slight_smile:
The Scheme part for my-init-texmacs.scm (I ill also remind myself how to integrate it within the package) is I think

(delayed (lazy-initialize-force)
	 (define-group remark-tag remark note example convention warning acknowledgments construction)

	 (menu-bind enunciation-menu
		    (if (style-has? "env-theorem-dtd")
			("Theorem" (make 'theorem))
			("Proposition" (make 'proposition))
			("Lemma" (make 'lemma))
			("Corollary" (make 'corollary))
			("Proof" (make 'proof))
			("Axiom" (make 'axiom))
			("Definition" (make 'definition))
			("Notation" (make 'notation))
			("Convention" (make 'convention))
			("Remark" (make 'remark))
			("Note" (make 'note))
			("Example" (make 'example))
			("Warning" (make 'warning))
			("Acknowledgments" (make 'acknowledgments*))
			("Construction" (make 'construction))
		    ("Exercise" (make 'exercise))
		    ("Problem" (make 'problem))
		    ("Question" (make 'question))
		    ("Solution" (make 'solution*))
		    ("Answer" (make 'answer*))))

where I rebuilt the whole enunciation menu, as I did not see a way to insert a new menu item between already-existing items.
I also place construction inside the remark-tag group to get construction into the menu where one can cycle between the environments.

By the way the new enunciation menu works only if I am placing its definition after the lazy-initialize-force function call. In I wrote the menu redefinition for the new list item without lazy-initialize-force; as far as I recall it worked, I will check then report/change the blog post if it does not.
Is it ok to always use lazy-initialize-force in redefinitions? Does anyone know?