New to TeXmacs: Seeking Help with pdf file Styling

Hello to all,

I just have joined this community as a newcomer to TeXmacs, I’ve already found it incredibly useful, but I have a specific styling challenge that I’d like to tackle.

The Goal:

I want to create a document with the following characteristics:

  1. First Page: A stylish first page with a logo [example below]
  2. Subsequent Pages: A two-column layout for the rest of the document.

The First Page:

For instance, the LaTeX template has a professional look, and the Typst analogous example is equally impressive

How Can I Achieve This in TeXmacs?

  1. Logo and unique layout on the First Page
  2. Two-Column Layout for Subsequent Pages:
    • I suppose direct support for two-column layouts, is more than enough for my second point.
    • How to use it to mimic layout on the first page?
    • Are there any workarounds or TeXmacs styles I could use?

Seeking Guidance:

I’m open to suggestions, hints, and pointers. If anyone has experience with similar styling requirements or knows of existing style files that match my vision, I’d greatly appreciate your insights. Feel free to share any resources or tips!

Thank you in advance for your help. I’m eager to learn and make the most of TeXmacs.

Best regards,

Hi @Opussci and welcome to the forum.

Here are some hints, maybe not exactly what you want but maybe a step in the direction.

Customization of the title: Customization of the title page and further references that you find in there

Customization of sections: Customizing the section type with color blocks

You can set the whole document to be two columns and then a group of paragraphs to be in one column only, setting the environment variable par-columns to 1 for those paragraphs only. I do not think that there is a way to make a different column layout for one page . You might attempt to fill your first page with vertical stretchable space to push all of the paragraphs with different layout off it.

Please ask if you need help with anything of the above.

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