Newbie questions

I started to use TeXmacs (both on Windows and Mac), and I’m struggling with a few things

  1. How can disable/hide the caption of a “big table”
  2. Using the “default look and feel” on Windows, how can I use the Meta commands?
    adding rows/columns to matrices/tables does not work with the Meta-based keyboard shortcuts (I have to use Focus->Resize->Insert...)
  3. Is it possible to enable the spellchecker, in as-you-type mode
  4. vectors seem to have too much horizontal space:
  5. How can I “paste as text”? If I copy text from another (non-TeXmacs) document, it is rendered in large font


I think one can do that only with a redefinition of the macro. Before I attempt that, would inserting a tabular environment, rather than a “big table”, be ok for you?

As far as I know one needs to press first the esc key, then press the second key that forms the shortcut; for example, for adding a column to a table the sequence is esc then right arrow.

I don’t know, let us see if someone else knows

Let’s see if anyone knows :slight_smile: Otherwise I’ll try and dig into the code. I think that the table that builds up the matrix has some padding left and right, and one would need to figure out how to reduce that padding.

From the menu Edit -> Paste from -> Verbatim


how can I convert an existing big table to a tabular environment?

The software is not designed for that conversion (although one can adapt it I think). You may copy the tabular environment that is contained within the big table and paste it outside of the big table. Then you may delete the big table; and maybe center the table by setting the paragraph to centered alignment.

In this way you will lose the numbering of the table. If that is not ok, then we will have to redefine the big table macro.

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tables and figure elements are meant to give captions to tabular or image elements. So if you do not need the title and/or just want to insert a tabular alone to create a table or some other complex layout, then just avoid using them. If you want to remove a table and leave the inner tabular you can position the cursor just out of the tabular environment but still inside the table and do structured delete (on Mac is “Alt”+“Backspace”). Pay attention since this will remove the innermost environment, so be sure to be in the right place first. I guess you can use the “Focus” menu to achieve the same result.