Next release. Texmacs 2.1

I look forward to having the new version of texmacs (2.1). When is it planned?

From the email by Joris:

We are getting close to releasing the next major version 2.1 of TeXmacs
(planned for september).

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Oh yeah … awesome news guys :+1:

Will there be a 2.0?

No news about texmacs 2.1 ?
September is off now

Would Texmacs introduce any new features?

Yes some features will be introduced in the next releases as mentioned in this link:


Sorry for having been absent the last weeks; I just moved to
Vancouver for one year, and installation + other ongoing work
took a bit more time than expected.

Anyway, I resumed my work towards TeXmacs 2.1.
---- Joris


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Any hot news on Texmacs 2.1 front ?

I wrote about my recent developments in Chinese here (4 days ago):

For me, I am still busy on these bugs:

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Thank for hard work from your guys!!!

Looking forward to the next release!