None of the plugins for Texmacs Windows distribution is Working

Do the developers of TeXmacs know that none of the plugins, except Scheme, made for Texmacs is working for Windows distribution, latest version 2.1.2.

There are much more users on Windows than on Linux. I mean to say that users of Windows platform should also be kept in view by the developers.

TeXmacs is such a wonderful software for writing scientific documents especially mathematics based equations and computations.

This is the only platform where we can write interactive code sessions while writing or teaching on scientific mathmatics or statistics based topics.

You may quote Jupyter for interactive sessions. But, it’s text based documentation in very clumsy.

Not only TeXmacs but it’s derivatives too are suffering from this syndrome, like Morgan editors etc.

I wish to hear from the developers by and large. That is, are they aware of this problem or not. If yes, are they taking some steps for reforming it. If not, are you going to take some steps to reform it.

With regards,

Dr. A. K. Singh

Dear @akhileshsingh.igkv, probably the developers of TeXmacs do not know that. Open and close parethesis: at least the Maxima plugin works :slight_smile:, and I think the Python one too.
But the gist of what you say is true, that is just a few plugins work for Windows.

I am not a developer but I have been using TeXmacs for I think about five years now, and I think I understand a bit what is going on: there are just a few developers, with probably not enough time to address all of the important issues that come up.

For what regards the R plugin, I am very sorry that it does not work under Windows. Although I myself do not have the time to correct it, I hope someone else will. Maybe the entire rewriting of some plugins, which are very important for some groups of people, could be the topic for some student (g.g., that is exempli gratia, through initiatives like Google Summer of Code).

Let us see what the developers say.

For Mogan Editor, please install Mogan Editor v1.1.4 rc1. For GNU TeXmacs 2.1.2, I think it works fine.

In fact according to the list here many of the plugins work for Windows (contrary to what i said above). Maybe R should be added to the list—it is an official plugin. Perhaps the correct statement is “some plugins for popular languages do not work on Windows”.

Dear pireddag,

I am sorry, the list indicated on the link given above by you seems to be outdated, but what I am saying is based on current installation of TeXmacs 2.1.2 on Windows.

According to that, except Scheme plugin, none of the plugins are working. They all give busy status.

Please go through a long discussion we had on the following thread:

With regards,

Dr. A. K. Singh

Dear darcy,

What I said about Mogan Editor was based on some posts at GitHub.

Now, I shall download ii on my Windows system through the link provided by you. Then I will give you my feedback.

Thanks for the response anyway. Today itself shall I give you my feedback.

With regards

Dr. A. K. Singh

Dear darcy,

I just downloaded the Mogan Editor, through the link provided by you. Installed the same on Wondows 10. And ran Mogan Editor 1.1.4 RC1.

I am sorry to say that here too, as in TeXmacs 2.1.2, only Scheme session is working. And, none of the other plugins are working. Moreover, it does not have R too, whose heavy user I am.

Although, I have already installed Python 3.11.3, even then the Python session of Mogan Editor is not working.

Since I am user of R, and it does not provide R session, therefore, I do not have any interest, hence I unintslled it too. Because I write and teach artcles and books for R based statistics.

Submitted for your kind feedback as I had promised.

Thanks and regards,

Dr. A.K. Singh

You have to know how to tune Windows PATH:

to enable the plugins.

For Mogan Editor v1.1.x, we have removed the R plugin, because it is poorly maintained. And for Mogan Editor v1.2.x, we only reserve some of the well-maintained plugins.

Well-maintained plugins mean that a user does not need any knowledge of tuning the Windows PATH. Just install the Mogan Editor, and well-maintained documenation will tell user how to enable the plugins.

Dear Darcy,

Thanks for your suggestion for settings of environment variables to set systems path for R.

Let me inform you that they are already set. Because of which I can access R in Intellij Idea editor and Sublime Text editor. Since they don’t have interactive R sessions as with such a wonderful documentation software as Texmacs, I was interested in Texmacs.

As for Mogan Editor is concerned, it doesn’t have R, so it is of no use to R users like me.

Thanks and regards,

Dr. A. K. Singh

R is a plugin in GNU TeXmacs, and it is not a built-in plugin in Mogan Editor. If you finally find that Mogan Editor is much more user-friendly than GNU TeXmacs and you decide to use Mogan Editor, you can install the R plugin by yourself.

Dear Darcy,

Thanks for replying. But, I don’t know how and what R plugin and from where to install the same in Mogan Editor. If at all it works, I will certainly prefer it over TeXmacs because both are similar.

In the present Texmacs R is though built in but not yet working. I have kept it only in the hope that some developer will help me to get it run.

So, if you tell me, I will certainly try this option too, because I want a TeXmacs like editors with interactive R sessions.

Thanks and regards,

Dr. A. K. Singh