Number every display equation

Is it possible that every display equation is automatically numbered? Right now, I have to click on the numbering button to number each equation.

One possible way is entering it as a macro from the keyboard:

then press the Enter key

you should obtain a numbered equation (the macro for the unnumbered equation is \equation* with asterisk).
I expect that it is possible to modify the menu as well, but I do not know how to do that (anyone?).

How to enter eqnarray then? It does not work if I use \eqnarray.

I do not know how to do that. I have seen that the code for a numbered equation array is complex (I copied it from the source, you can see it if you select Document->Source->Edit source tree in the menu):


Maybe one can define a macro where typing \eqnarray would generate this code in an editable way, but defining the macro as


did not yield an equation array with editable fields but just an empty numbered equation array. In fact I see why: you get the typeset output of <eqnarray*|<tformat|<table|<row|<cell|>|<cell|>|<cell|<eq-number>>>>>> substituted in for the macro, you do not get <eqnarray*|<tformat|<table|<row|<cell|>|<cell|>|<cell|<eq-number>>>>>> in the source code. Does anyone know how to do it?

Also a solution by changing the menus would be nice to see.

eqnarray is not advised to use anymore from the Latex side. If you are purely in Texmacs, it is OK.

The exported Latex code of both eqnarray and align are not standard.