One-cell-block : properties not inherited by new cells

when i create a one-cell-block with thickness 0.15ln using some shortcut in my-init-texmacs
then if i create new cells the new cells do not inherit the propertie of 0.15ln and have thickness of line by default (maybe 0.5 ?)

i know (Giovanni) i could parameter some “by default settings” of TeXmacs and i have wondered if it was the way i want

but my aim is one day to be able to share easily all what i create

so my question :
how could i change the code in my-init-texmacs
so that not only the first unique cell have thin lines, but also the eventual news cells added by the user

original files :

.pdf :
.tm :

Hello Vincent,

The 4 integers immediately after cwith specify which cells the property applies to. The first 2 represent a range of row indices, the last 2 a range of column indices. A value of -1 indicates continuation until the end.

Since your macro contains the index range "1" "1" "1" "1" explicitly, it will always only apply to the cell at (1,1). Changing these to "1" "-1" "1" "-1" should do the trick.

great Thank you Jeroen

by curiosity where did you get this information ?

I do not know where @jeroen found the information :slight_smile:
This said, you can find it in the manual, section 16.4, Table primitives.