Overflowing bibliography entries when using author-year citation style


I am trying to write my PhD manuscript entirely in TeXmacs and right now I need author-year citations, and for now the way I got them working is by doing the following:

The only issue I have now is that entries with many authors seem to overflow in the bibliography section:

Is there a way to prevent entries from overflowing like that? I think maybe the issue is because TeXmacs isn’t allowing line-breaks in the entry labels in bold, in which case is there a way to make the labels be of the form [First Author et al.] instead?

Thank you!

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You could try defining a custom TeXmacs bibliography style. There are some hints in this post:


After looking quickly at the post you linked to, I think that the post of @Pcstor might merit a highlight in the TeXmacs blog. @Pcstor, @jeroen, @mgubi, what do you think?