Page header and indentation

I use table or underline to create header like this:

Now I also want the first indentation to be 1 tab instead of 0 tab for the whole document. In this case the header will be indented, which is undesired. If I put <no-indent> before the table, then it works only for odd pages. If I format this particular paragraph with 0 tab indentation and copy it to the header, then it does not work for both odd and even pages.

What about adding negative space? (just a rough fix). Alternatively you can try to fix the size of the table to the full width of the page.

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Adding negative space works. It’s quite tricky. One must use tabular/block of fixed cell width, but not wide tabular nor underlined. Use space (a rigid space) but not hspace (a stretchable space).

Alternatively you can try to set the indentation in the document (but maybe not in the preamble) and not in the UI, (with a \with or with an \assign) then with some luck it will be considered only after the headers are typeset…

Again this is a rough fix, one should really understand what is going on and whether this is a bug or not.