Panorama mode never works for the slides of beamer style

Has anybody succeeded in entering the panorama mode for the beamer style? It never shows a panorama of the slides, but only the pages of one slide if you have multiple pages for that slide. For article style it’s okay, because pages are pages. But beamer consists of slides, which in turn consist of pages. The panorama mode should show all pages of all slides, instead of just pages of the current slide.

I haven’t been able either. Perhaps this can be posted as an enhancement request in the bug tracker, at

For me it only works after I have switched to “beamer” page layout. Oddly, if I then switch back to “paper” page layout, “panorama” does still work. Still, it would be good to file a bug report.

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I’ve fixed the bug in Mogan Research v1.2.5.1. See

It is not in the changelog and it is a very important fix for the beamer mode user.

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