Performance analysis for TeXmacs with Intel Vtune

VTune is an incredibly powerful and intuitive profiler analyzer. I recently came to know that it is free for personal use and it is available on Linux/Mac/Windows.

Thanks to this blog post here:

Here are some of the analytical graphs I have been able to capture via this suite of tools (I’m trying to analyze the high memory consumption issues with Qt5 port. I am not sure about the accuracy of this tool though. It just looks pretty impressive to me :slight_smile:).

That sounds interesting. Is there anything you can conclude from these measurements?

Could you elaborate on this? Is memory consumption much higher in Qt 5 than in 4?

I haven’t had time to analyze them yet (just thought it was some impressive graphs to share).

I am currently using/testing a s7-qt5 branch, which sometimes can draw up to 2GB of memory (and as far as I can tell, it could still go up, so I have to restart). While s7 seems to draw more memory than guile1.8, (texmacs-memory) shows that it wasn’t as high as I would expect. So I think it is more or less due to qt5. However, I don’t have anything conclusive to say on this (compared with qt4).