Plugin professor and others

I have a question : do some people use the professor plugin?
If so, how do you install it?
I’ve found a website that talks about it:
but it hasn’t been updated since 2010.
The website also mentions other plugins: Eukleides, Tablor, TeXgraph, … Are they still working?
Thanks in advance for your help.

I tried to download it from the website but the link to the zip file does not work. Perhaps one could write to the author, the contact email is at, and ask if he can make it again available.

For the other plugins, I think there is a chance that they work but I need some time to test them. Perhaps someone else knows immediately.


it was a very nice plugin from Emmanuel
i think it is not updated and poursuied
for myself i have written a very little shortcut in my-init-texmacs that does the job for “tableaux de variations” (less fancy that Emmanuel’s plugin did but better than bricoling manually something in the file…)
i am interested too, if you get some info from him