Poll - wht do you use to insert functions curves inside tm documents?

hello i am really interested about how you do this
for myself, i plot in geogebra and export -> png and use “link image” ; the result is bofbof
in a former life, i used to tikz my plots but for the book i was writing by Ellipses i exported tm to tex so the graphics were good inserted but the code is a mess
then for the second book by studyrama i used matplotlib and i dont remember how i inserted the pictures but that was better ; but long because i fond long the code of matplotlib
i know there is a native texmacs means to plot curves
you, what do you use ?

What do you mean by bofbof? One difference with your previous ways of doing is that you are now using a bitmap format (png) which is not optimal for technical drawings. If you try exporting your graphs as pdf instead, do they look better to you?

This best way for me is to set up a different dir for tikz and save tikz codes into seperate files. Then \input them into TeX/LaTeX or TeXmacs source files, or compile these files into seperate pdf images via \documentclass{standalone}.

There is an old feature request: https://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?func=detailitem&item_id=59326

I forget to mention that you can use the Graph plugin:


This feature request is about conserving the code when exported to LaTeX.