Presentation: Remapping Remote Control keys: no options / pgup, pgdn, F9, F10 dont work (TM 2.1, Win10)

I’m on Texmacs 2.1, Windows 10.

  1. When trying to remap the remote control keys in Edit->Preferences->Keyboard->Remote Controllers, the option drop down lists just contain one entry each (i.e. pageup, pagedown, home, end etc.), so there is nothing to choose from.
  2. What is more, pgup, pgdown, home and end keys show no reaction in presentation mode with view->remote control mode enabled. However, the dot (.) for menu works, so I can verify that remote control mode is enabled.
  3. The keys F10, F11 show no reaction in presentation mode (should do page back/page forth). F9 and F12 do work as intended (Pos1 / End).

Any idea what I’m doing wrong or how to fix this?

Regards, Pcstor

Did you switch to the beamer document style?

No (as I couldn’t do the slide layout as I wanted to, e.g. no footer), but is Beamer style really a prerequisite for using simple things as pgup or pgdown? I didn’t see that connection from the user manual…