Previews in pdfs

Is it possible to export the preview-ref funcitonality to pdfs?

I do not know if the possibility of such an export is coded in TeXmacs; if not, I think that it will take some work to add to the exported pdf file the previews of link targets on hovering over links.

I’m not sure how to implement this in the PDF. Do you have some example of this feature from other softwares?

I don’t have examples of conversion, but I do have examples of elements which appear on hovering in pdf documents:

The website is the commercial website of a software for conversion to pdf, I have seen there is also the AGPLv3 free license, but I do not understand the details.

This may be part of the viewer’s functionality. E.g Evince on Linux does something like that:

Where I can find that document?

I don’t know, it’s a screenshot I plucked off the net because I’m not at the computer. I was trying to say that the Evince viewer does this automatically for any link in PDFs, independent of the document.

You may consider using the really wonderful (open source) cross-platform PDF viewer “Sioyek” ( It supports inline previews of internal links in PDF documents (does a much better job than Evince).

The usual previews offered by the preview-ref package work in the exported PDF in the above viewer. In addition, I have created the following macro titled \kwd, basically the standard \equation-lab macro to create arbitrary references.
The following few frames hopefully illustrate how I use the above.

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