Problem with \aa, \cc, and \cC

I found recently that TeXmacs has some predefined commands (\aa, \cc, \cC) in math mode that users cannot redefine in the preamble. Is it a feature or a bug?

Probably a feature. I found the definitions in /progs/texmacs/keyboard/latex-kbd.scm, they are defined with kbd-commands and I think that means the definition with kbd-commands is executed as soon as one enters the characters, therefore TeXmacs does not receive in input the name of the macro and so redefinitions do not get applied.

Thanks a lot! I see that \cC is defined in this file as:

(“cC” “Make З” (emulate-keyboard “cedilla C”))

But when I use this command, it produces just the standard Latin letter “C”. At the same time, I can easily insert “Ç” just by using Unicode. I find this strange.

Me too :slight_smile: